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This procedure is the most effective way to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile,
restore your chewing ability and boost your self-confidence both aesthetically and functionally.

Bridge Works are required when there are missing teeth,
plus structural integrity of other tooth has been weekend by decay, cracks, fractures,
old fillings, or root canal treatments.
Porcelain / Ceramic Bridges can make crooked teeth appear straight, and can make uneven teeth
match up ; correct broken or fractured teeth, gaps and spaces between teeth, mis-shapen teeth,
unsightly old fillings; and whitening of yellow, discolored, or permanently stained teeth.

Porcelain / Ceramic bridges attach discreetly to the teeth surrounding the gap,
and they hold new crowns in place.
They provide improved strength, chewing power, and great aesthetic appearance
to match the rest of your teeth.
The result is improved function and aesthetic appearance.

Currently, we are providing two types of Bridge Works :
Both types use the latest technology and material in dentistry today
and gives excellent cosmetic results

1. Full Porcelain ( Fused To Metal ) Bridge - is a 2 layer bridge, metal inside and
full porcelain outside.
If you need extensive cosmetic make-over without blowing your budget,
this gives excellent results.

2. Full Porcelain ( EMPRESS II ) Bridge - is a one layer of porcelain only bridge.
If you want the best , this gives brilliant results.

Please refer here for some before and after pictures :-

Full Porcelain ( Fused To Metal ) Bridge Works :

Case 1 : Protruding Upper / Lower Incisors + Yellowish Staining + Missing Molars
(UPPER: 14 units / LOWER: 14 units) Patient from AMSTERDAM , Holland - Netherlands

Case 2 : Old Crowns + Missing Molar / Premolar Tooth
( UPPER: 10 units / LOWER: 10 units ) Patient from - PERTH - Australia

Case 3 :
(UPPER: units / LOWER: units ) Patient from

Case 4 :
(UPPER: units / LOWER: units ) Patient from

Case 5 : The Upper Right Second Incisor (12) had to be extracted ( Loose Teeth )
(UPPER: 4 units / LOWER: nil )Patient from - PETALING JAYA , KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia


Full Porcelain ( EMPRESS II ) Bridge Works :

Case 1 : Patient with Old Crowns and Yellowish Teeth
UPPER : 5 Unit Empress Esthetic Veneers , 3 Unit Empress II Crowns , LOWER : No Treatment
Patient from - Petaling Jaya , KUALA LUMPUR , Malaysia


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