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SCALING and POLISHING (Routine Cleaning)

What is a 'scaling and polish'?

Your dentist will do a 'scaling and polish' when your teeth require a thorough clean to remove
all traces of plaque and tartar.
Scaling is used to remove the hard tartar on your teeth,
which cannot be removed by simply brushing your teeth.
The polishing stage helps to clean away stains from your teeth,
which may have been caused by coffee, tea or smoking.

If you suffer with gum disease, you will require a deeper scaling, which is called 'root planning'.
As this treatment cleans all around the roots of the teeth, your dentist might give you a local anaesthetic,
so that it doesn't feel too sensitive and uncomfortable.

There are two different types of scalers that can be used to scale your teeth.
Hand scalers come in different shapes and sizes, to enable different parts of your teeth to be cleaned.
Ultra-sonic scalers use very fast vibration with water.
At our practice, we use the latest ultra-sonic scalers, which are very fine and does not
cause any discomfort.

To polish your teeth, generally, a rotating brush or rubber polisher with toothpaste will be used.
But, we use the latest high-tech powder polishing method, which is fast and comfortable.

Is regular scaling and polishing beneficial?

Having a regular 'scaling and polish' will help you to maintain healthy teeth and gums,
as it will make it easier for you to keep them clean at home.
As this treatment will thoroughly clean your teeth, they will look and feel different.

If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, this may be the early signs of gum disease.
Using regular scaling your dentist can help prevent gum disease from getting worse.
This will also prevent bad breath, as this can be caused by gum disease.
With regular professional care, a positive attitude and persistence, you can lead a healthy lifestyle and
have a great confident smile always.

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