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Composite Bonding -
This simple, quick and easy procedure can produce brilliant results.
This procedure does not require any of your original tooth to be removed.
We use a choice of very high grade composite material to fix cracks,
chips and stains as well as to fill in unwanted gaps between the teeth
called diastemas.
This is an excellent method for repairing minor imperfections on the
anterior or front teeth.

How Does Bonding Work? Bonding uses composite resins or porcelain/composite veneers to cover the surface of stained teeth and give a nice, even appearance to broken or misshapen teeth. There are two basic bonding techniques: Composite bondingFirst, the front of the tooth is slightly reduced to prevent the "new" tooth from being too bulky. Microscopic grooves are then etched into the tooth surface with a mild acid. A composite resin matched to the colour of the surrounding teeth is applied to the tooth, contoured into shape, set using a curing light, and finally smoothed and polished.


Mercury Free Dentist - No Amalgams or Mercury Fillings

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